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Hello Wonderful People

Thanks for stopping by - here's a little about me:


Hey there! I'm Nate, but you probably guessed that given the website address and all.

I'm a creative manager, graphic designer, project manager, and problem solver with over ten years of experience in the design and management fields. I'm based in Washington and am passionate about creating beautiful and meaningful designs that solve problems and captivate audiences.

Recently, I was the Creative Services Manager for the Creative Marcom Team at Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington headquarters, where I spent my entire paycheck on cool retro stuff that came into our Seattle Store. I left Goodwill in 2020 to start my own company, Emayos, with the goal of creating sustainable goods for everyday people.

Previously, I was the Marcom Creative Manager at Committee for Children, a non-profit organization in Seattle. As the manager, I trained a team of designers to deliver exceptional designs on time. Before that, I was the Art Director at Lantern Press and managed a team of nine designers. Additionally, I was the Design Team Manager at Kotis Design for six years, where I managed a team of 13 designers.

I love to view the world differently, finding inspiration in everyday life and uncovering hidden stories. I take pride in my acute observations and ability to bring passion and energy to every project. My dual-minded thought process allows me to think both logically and creatively, resulting in designs that capture the moment through imagery, color, and storytelling.

When I'm not working on design projects, I enjoy refurbishing old furniture, exploring the city of Seattle with my wonderful girlfriend, Andrea, or hiking with our two dogs, Darwin and Petri.


Thanks for stopping by!

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