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Apparel Design

Kotis Design - Seattle, Wa

I enjoy designing screen-printed apparel because it includes unique limitations that must be considered. Understanding these limitations is a crucial skill to ensure the final product is functional work of art.

Every color must be carefully planned out as each color used will add to final cost of the finished piece. In addition to the cost, each color can add more "hand" to the feel of the print. In other words, the print will feel more heavy/thick on the garment, and could make it uncomfortable to wear. Good apparel design incorporates the garment as a color in the design so that when two inks are used it looks like three colors. This is a great use of the motto, "Less is more."

Another challenge that needs to be taken into consideration is detail. Screen printing is literally pushing a "plastic" ink through through the mesh of a screen (much like a screen from a window or door, only much smaller). Its always important to design with this in mind knowing that you won't be able to achieve the same amount of detail as CMYK printing on paper

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