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Blabbermouth Branding

Blabbermouth KC - Shawnee Mission, Ks

Blabbermouth is a now-defunct company that was originally based in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Their business was ambitious with hopes of growing quickly, and because of this, they were wanting a complete rebrand to appear professional.

Their company focused heavily on mailers and fliers, so I rebranded them with a "less-is-more" mentality. Their branding needed to be eye-catching, but also functional as it needed to work well on letterheads and other print materials without being distracting.  To accomplish this, I chose clean and simple san-serif fonts and kept the color palettes cool. Additionally, I tried to keep the colors minimal by focusing on a stylized, yet simple, word bubble element to play off of the "blabber" concept:

Original Logo

Updated Rebrand

I removed the mascot from the logo to further elevate the brand and instead I chose to play off the ‘blab’ concept within a smaller word bubble that could function independently from the primary logo. This logo was designed to be used for social media icons as well. 

It was so rewarding to give this company a fresh look and feel and the owners were very pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the business didn’t get enough exposure and folded within a year following the rebrand.

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