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Captain Compassion

Committee for Children - Seattle, Wa

As a Creative Manager, I led the development of an award-winning campaign for National Bullying Prevention Month in 2018. Tasked with bringing a campaign to life that helped parents and educators communicate with kids about recognizing, reporting, and refusing bullying, I collaborated with the creative genius of my Art Director, Kyle Hunter, to create an all-new superhero named Captain Compassion. This was easily my favorite campaign of my professional career.

The campaign follows the story of Chris Kind as he witnesses bullying scenarios between school peers through a series of weekly comic strips. To help Chris discover his bystander power and empower him to recognize, refuse, and report bullying, we created Captain Compassion, who bestowed Chris with some of her cosmic powers and transformed him into Kid Kinder. The challenge of the campaign was a tight timeline of only two months to develop characters, story, and numerous deliverables, including 5 comic strips, posters in several cities, social media posts, a responsive micro-site, and a video featuring celebrity spokesperson Skai Jackson.

Despite these challenges, Captain Compassion was an incredibly fun and rewarding campaign. It allowed us to bring several amazing characters to life and watch them develop as the campaign was renewed in 2019 and 2020, and continues on to this day. The campaign resulted in a website featuring approachable, research-based tips and tactics drawn from decades of work in the field of bullying prevention. It includes engaging comics, videos, and family resources focused on providing kids and adults with the tools they need to address a range of bullying scenarios. The campaign empowers everyone to activate their bystander power to help stop bullying.

The campaign was a great success and won two Marcom awards in 2019, a gold award in print media for our 2019 press kit, and a platinum award in digital media for the website. The campaign is a testament to my ability to lead a team in creating an award-winning campaign that delivers meaningful results. Check out the campaign today at to see how my creative leadership and vision helped bring this project to life.

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