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Encounter Book - Ballard Church Series

Ballard Church - Seattle, Wa

As an occasional freelance graphic designer, I was tasked with designing the "Encounter" series for Ballard Church, which gave me the opportunity to showcase my expertise in layout design, visual hierarchy, and space. Given more creative freedom than my previous project with Ballard Church, I chose a calming color palette with textures of teal water that was meaningful to the series. I used this palette as the foundation for the overall design.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the large amount of text that needed to be incorporated into a small imprint area. To tackle this issue, I utilized thin san-serif fonts that took up less room but were still highly legible at smaller point sizes. I also implemented a lighter gray font color to create a more subtle effect. By maintaining proper alignment and spacing, I was able to create a visually appealing layout that made it easy for readers to follow along with the text.

My design skills also came in handy when working with complicated copy. Through my extensive experience in visual hierarchy, I was able to balance the text-heavy nature of the project with the visual elements to create a cohesive design. This not only helped to increase readability but also enhanced the overall aesthetic of the book.

The result was a visually stunning book that was well-received by both the client and the church congregation. This project not only showcased my expertise in layout design but also my ability to effectively manage a challenging project with multiple stakeholders.

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