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Evergreen Goodwill Annual Report

Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington - Seattle, Wa

While at Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington, redesigning the 2021 Annual Report was a significant project for me. I approached it with the principles of layout design in mind, prioritizing "proximity" and "alignment" to make the report visually cohesive and engaging. By ensuring that the most important information stood out and was easily digestible, I made sure that readers could take away the organization's message.

One of the challenges we faced during the redesign was adhering to the newly established Evergreen Goodwill branding guidelines. By making content bigger, brighter, and bolder, introducing full-image spreads, and creatively using asymmetric layouts and grids, we struck a balance between providing comprehensive information and keeping the report visually appealing. We established clear typography guidelines, including consistent header and body styles, to create a clear hierarchy of information.

Though I initially pushed for the Annual Report to be a website, the idea was rejected. However, I persisted the next year, and we were successful in pushing for the 2022 Annual Report to be a website. While I left mid-way through the project, I am proud of the contribution I made to the design. It is a testament to my ability to bring fresh ideas and creative solutions to any project I work on. The redesign was well-received, and the Annual Report served as a catalyst for further rebranding efforts across the organization. Click here to see the full 2021 Annual Report in PDF form

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