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Ballard Church - Seattle, Wa

Ballard Church is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The pastor, Rob Stewart, hired me to take on an ambitious project: creating a 55-page book that corresponds with a 5-week sermon series.​Rob had a clear vision for what he wanted with this book and provided a lot of examples focusing on his goals for bright colors, bold/textured fonts, and overlapping transparent text. He was adamant that I stayed within this style. Additionally. there was an overwhelming amount of text that had to be on each page. I pushed to reduced text, but Rob wanted to keep the text as-is. ​Along with the page design, Rob asked me to create the logo for the series and work with print vendors to get the product produced. To top it off, I had a turnaround time of only 4 weeks.​I was excited to take on this project because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to adapt to a style for which I was not comfortable.

The result was well-received by Rob, Ballard Church, and their congregation. So much so that the next year I was asked to create another book, but this time with more creative freedom. You can see that book by  clicking here.

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