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Move> - Ballard Church Book

Ballard Church - Seattle, Wa

As a graphic designer, I had the honor of working with Pastor Rob Stewart of Ballard Church in Seattle, Washington. Rob entrusted me with a challenging project: designing a 55-page book that complemented a 5-week sermon series. Despite the extensive amount of text that needed to be included, Rob was determined to maintain his vision of bright colors, bold and textured fonts, and overlapping transparent text, and I was committed to bringing his ideas to life.

In addition to the page design, Rob also tasked me with creating a logo for the series and coordinating with print vendors to produce the final product. With a tight deadline of just 4 weeks, I had to be agile and adaptable to ensure that everything was completed on time.

Although this project was outside of my comfort zone, I embraced the challenge and produced exceptional results that exceeded Rob's expectations. The final product was well-received by the church and its congregation, leading to another project the following year with more creative freedom. You can view this project and see how I continued to push boundaries by clicking here.

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