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Rosé Label & Bottle Design

Market Vineyards - Richland, Wa

Market Vineyards came to with enthusiasm about their new rosé and wine with hopes that it would be their flagship drink into a new brand for their company. I was given complete creative freedom and creating a new label style to be the basis for all their wines moving forward. Additionally, I worked directly with the company's owner and various vendors to choose the style of the wine bottle. the type of bottle caps, and the print methods for the new label design.Along with the new bottle/label design, I also made simple updates to the company's logo, updating it to vector to work on multiple mediums, simplifying the number of colors, and updating the font to better match the elegant style the company is wanting to portray: 

For the label, we decided to go away from the traditional rectangular wine label in favor of an elegant crest. Not only does the simple and unique design help the bottle stand out, but it also keeps the label from dominating the bottle. To further stand out, I pushed for a predominately black design with subtle hints of rosé and silver in embossed foil and varnish black for the pattern elements.

The final challenge came from the back label design. Due to the design being related to alcohol, I had to learn the legalities of what was required to be printed (including text being 2mm in height). Additionally, to avoid competition, the owner requested that the back label be smaller than the front, which presented another challenge. I embraced these limitations as a goal to create something that followed all the rules without sacrificing the overall design.

Market Vineyards was elated with the end product and the exuberant response from their customers. I am excited and looking forward to the upcoming label projects. 

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