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Rosé Label & Bottle Design

Market Vineyards - Richland, Wa

Market Vineyards approached me with a new project - creating a wine bottle label for their flagship rosé that would also serve as the basis for all their future wine labels. The client was initially insistent on copying the design of Miraval Winery's Rosé, but I urged them away from this idea due to the moral issues surrounding stealing another winery's design. Instead, I worked to create a unique design that would fit Market Vineyards' sophisticated brand identity.

To do this, I deliberately incorporated black as the primary color for the label after researching other rosé designs and noticing that most were white. By using black and keeping the look classy, we were able to make the design stand out without sacrificing the sophisticated look. The label was designed as an elegant crest to make it unique and avoid dominating the bottle. We incorporated subtle hints of rosé and silver in embossed foil and varnish black for the pattern elements to add a touch of elegance to the design.

I also updated the company's logo to better match the elegant style that Market Vineyards wanted to portray. This involved simplifying the number of colors and updating the font.

Designing the back label posed a challenge due to the legal requirements surrounding alcohol labels, such as ensuring that the text is 2mm in height. Additionally, the owner requested that the back label be smaller than the front to avoid competition. Despite these limitations, I embraced the challenge and created a design that followed all the rules while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the label.

Throughout the project, I worked closely with the owner and various vendors to choose the style of the wine bottle, the type of bottle caps, and the print methods for the label design. This involved searching for the right materials and working with vendors to ensure that they printed correctly and on time. The final bottle design featured an internal spiral that caused the liquid to spiral as it was poured for a nice and elegant surprise.

The end product was a hit with Market Vineyards and their customers, solidifying the winery's brand identity. I am excited to continue working on upcoming label projects for this client.

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