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Second Step Catalog

Committee for Children - Seattle, Wa

As a creative manager, I had the opportunity to work on the catalog redesign for Second Step, an educational program by the non-profit tech company, the Committee for Children (CFC). The challenge was to create a visually appealing and informative catalog that highlighted the benefits of the program while adhering to the newly established CFC and Second Step branding.

The previous catalogs were wordy, lacked differentiation between each program, and had an overwhelming use of color. My team and I focused on reducing the amount of text through the use of graphics and charts, creating a clean and minimalist layout that allowed the design to breathe, and establishing a font hierarchy and color usage that aligned with the new branding. We also had an original photoshoot to create original imagery.

As a new creative manager at CFC, I faced some resistance to the redesign, given the company's small-company mentality and fear of change. However, I believe in taking big risks to make big changes. I have experience working with complicated copy, establishing visual hierarchy, creating clean and minimalist layouts, and using space effectively to make designs more appealing, I was confident in my vision and pitched the redesign to the Marketing Director, promising to take full responsibility for the results. After receiving her blessing, my team and I worked diligently to ensure the catalog redesign was a success.

The new catalog was met with high praise both internally and externally, and the new look was applied to all new marketing pieces moving forward. The redesign even went on to win gold in the 2019 Marcom Awards under the category of "Print Media Design."

I am confident in my ability to bring a fresh perspective to any design portfolio and make it stand out.

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