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Unicorn Label Design

Market Vineyards - Richland, Wa

I recently had the pleasure of working on a freelance graphic design project for a wine bottle label called "Unicorn Red Wine". Market Vineyards, the company behind the new wine, had previously commissioned me to design a Rosé bottle in 2018. One of my earlier options that I loved for the rosé unfortunately did not match their aesthetic vision for the for that particular wine, but I loved it enouigh to give it another try with Unicorn.

My main goal was to create a label that would appeal to the wine's target audience - people who enjoy modern and bold designs. The design also needed to reflect the wine's name and unique character, so I decided focus more on establishing the winery's name, and downplaying the focus on the unicorn concept.

To make the label stand out, we chose a color scheme that would catch the customer's eye - a beautiful bright red, that prints with a slight neon tint. Typography was another important aspect of the design, and we chose a fun and whimsical script that was unique to this bottle. This decision also meant that we had to remove the Market Vineyards text logo and replace it with a script logo that better reflected the design's theme. The final design was both playful and modern, and I was confident that it would appeal to Market Vineyards' target audience.

One of the challenges we faced was finding the right materials to ensure that the label would look as good in print as it did on screen. I worked closely with the vendors to make sure that the label was printed correctly and on time. We tested various materials to find the perfect one that would bring out the colors and enhance the design.

This project was not just about creating a label for a new wine - it was about solidifying Market Vineyards' brand identity. By working on this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the company to create a label that not only reflected the new wine's unique character but also maintained the company's visual identity.

Overall, I'm proud of the final design and happy to have had the chance to work on such a fun project. "The Unicorn Red Wine" label is a testament to the importance of understanding the audience, color, typography, style, and imagery in creating an eye-catching and effective design.


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