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Stained Glass

Stained glass made with recycled glass

My love for creating art has no bounds. I am constantly wanting to learn new trades and enhance my skills. In early 2017, for no reason, in particular, I decided to learn how to make stained glass. Little did I realize how much work goes into this art form.​

For my first stained glass design, I was inspired by my love for Disney movies and decided to make the rose from Beauty and the Beast as a gift for my girlfriend.​

Due to my love of recycling, I decided to make this piece with discarded glass fragments found in the trash pile. As a result, the blue background looks fragmented as I attempted to make a lot of small pieces fill the large area. I ended up liking this fragmented look, which was a happy surprise. 

It was an ambitious piece for a first project, resulting in many late, and a few frustrating, nights. However, the time and effort were worth it in the long run. I'm very excited about the result and the skills I learned from taking on a new trade.

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