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NKC Rebranding

NKC Custom Apparel - Edgerton, Mo

NKC Custom Apparel holds a special place in my career as it was the company that provided me with my first full-time design position. They were a small custom apparel company located in Edgerton, Missouri right outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

Upon first working at NKC, the company was cycling through four different logos. The creative director tasked me with creating a new logo and brand to represent the company.

The company was moving in the direction of selling custom made apparel online and wanted a new brand that reflected a trendy retail store. To accomplish this goal, I focused on making the company name look more like an emblem. The letters "NKC" blended together nicely and my goal was to make that the primary focus with "Custom Apparel" being secondary. I wanted to color to be one-color to further deviate away from the complexity of the company's old identity. I picked an elegant gold color that worked well in a variety of scenarios and products:

Previous Logos

Updated Rebrand

Along with the new logo, the creative director also wanted new business cards and packaging that tied into the new brand. Again, I focused on simplicity as I felt the sleek logo and color choices stood out on their own and didn't need additional elements to strengthen them. For our shopping bags and a few other elements, we included the new company phrase "Life Customized".

I left the company to work for Kotis Design in Seattle, Washington before I was able to aid in the completion of the website redesign. Unfortunately, NKC went out of business about one year later.

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