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Evergreen Goodwill Halloween

Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington - Seattle, Wa

As a creative marketing professional, I was tasked with redesigning and updating all of the Evergreen Goodwill's 2021 and 2022 Halloween campaign advertisements for the company, which included the creation of custom banners, window designs, and endcaps.

Despite the company's previous hesitancy to change, I was able to establish myself as a trustworthy and innovative member of the team through my multiple successful campaigns. For the Halloween campaign, I wanted to do something fun and engaging for customers, so I designed several Halloween banners to provide fun solutions. I created multiple well-thought-out and finalized designs that would each function as winners, which proved to be successful when the stakeholders had a hard time picking a favorite.

Once the banner design was finalized, I moved on to creating custom window designs for several high-end stores. This involved getting each window measured and working with print vendors across the state to get each one printed and installed within a short timeframe. In addition to the window designs, I also created fun haunted house endcaps to be used on each aisle within the store that featured Halloween gifts. I made these designs from durable material with the intention of using them for multiple years to reduce waste.

To promote our featured product "jabbering jack," an animated pumpkin figurine that talks and sings, I created a 45-second soundless video to be played on store monitors. The promotion was effective enough that I actually bought one myself!

All of this work was completed within a tight five-week timeline from beginning to end, requiring the approvals of multiple directors across the company. As someone with many years of experience handling situations like this, I found the process exhilarating rather than stressful. I am proud of the successful outcome of the Halloween campaign and am grateful for the opportunity to have made a positive impact on the company's bottom line.

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