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Wooster Series

Digital Character Paintings & Book Cover Design

The Wooster Series is a book series that I've been working on for nearly a decade with plans spanning over several books. 

My goal is to bring the world alive, not only in the story but also in visuals. Because of that, I want to ensure that the story is well branded with a logo and imagery that fits the tone of the books.

For the logo, I wanted something powerful and simple. Additionally, I wanted the logo to be able to stand alone as a symbol, similar to the Nike Swoosh. The story takes place in a futuristic world and mainly at sea, so I used a stylized trident as the basis of the logo. Not only does it symbolize the ocean, but it also ties into the "W" from "Wooster":

For the book cover, I wanted a dark undertone that reflects the story's plot. The layers of scenery reflect the complexity of the plot. Meanwhile, the scenery appears to be on fire, which reflects the chaos happening within the physical world of the story. Additionally, the main character is featured in the foreground as a silhouette making it ambiguous as to if she's facing away from the chaos, or towards it; a theme that carries on throughout the story. 

To help visualize the characters as I write, I decided to use my digital painting skills to bring them to life. Each of these paintings was created from scratch within Photoshop. Seeing imagery of the characters helps me view them as real people and stay on the right course for their individual character developments. 

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